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DIY Glass and Mirror Projects: Customer Roundup January 2018


What have our customers been up to? A LOT! They’ve been DIY-ing, fixing those broken things, and creating some pretty awesome-looking projects with glass and mirror. In this week’s roundup, our customers tackled: replacing fireplace glass, a broken fridge shelf, an awesome DIY project that needed a glass table top, and a home decor table project for a small space. Let’s get right to it!
Fireplace Glass: The “Fix That Thing” Edition!

After quite a bit of wrangling with a local fireplace retailer (who wanted to charge quite a bit to replace some broken fireplace glass), the Rev. Brent Christensen found our site. “Dulles Glass & Mirror’s on-line site was extraordinary. I selected the size of fireplace glass that was required – given options on the quality of the glass and a reference number to contact them directly – which I did.” After getting all the answers to his questions, Mr. Christensen was able to place his order. Of his glass shipment, he says, “Our fireplace glass arrived when promised – the shipping container was fashioned (in my humble opinion) to withstand any amount of physical exploitation imposed by a carrier having a bad day at the ranch.” He went on to explain in his five-star review, “[As you can see from the photo]  I believe my wife’s cat has our recommendation!”

Well, we certainly love to hear that we made fixing a vexing problem just a little bit easier for our customers — and their adorable furry friend.  Enjoy your fireplace in this chilly weather!

If your fireplace needs reFURbishing (see what we did there?), head on over to our fireplace glass section.
Refrigerator Shelf Replacement Glass: “Fix That Thing” Part II!

You know how sometimes you break something, vow to fix it right away, and then life just gets in the way? Or, worse yet, you can’t find the thing you need anywhere on the whole internet? Our customer, Bruce B., wanted a tempered glass replacement shelf for his refrigerator wire shelf. We’re not going to ask what happened to his wire shelf in the first place — we don’t judge! Maybe it was a big turkey for Thanksgiving. Or a keg for New Year’s Eve…or you know what? It doesn’t matter. Bruce had this to say:

    “I needed a piece of tempered glass to replace the wire shelf in my refrigerator. I had searched the internet for glass shelves made specifically for my unit but to no avail. Decided to have a custom cut tempered glass shelf instead. The quality was great, the edges and dimensions were exactly as specified and the shelf looks and fits great! Would do this again for situations where a replacement shelf is nowhere to be found.”

Bruce, it looks great, and we’re so happy we could help.

Do you need replacement glass? We’ve got just what you need right here.
Ultra-Modern Glass Table and Chairs

Our customer wanted to create an unobtrusive dining table using glass and clear chairs. Enter Dulles Glass & Mirror. Kieth’s table base got a brand-new 36″ x 60″ glass table top. He chose the 1/2″ thickness for extra durability and a beautiful aesthetic. To round out his selection, Kieth chose radius corners (a slightly rounded edge) and flat polished edges.

“Your glass, service, prices and delivery are always 5 star. My 3rd purchase,” Kieth wrote in his five-star review. Kieth, we love how you paired your new table with the clear acrylic chairs for a sleek, ultra-modern look. A set-up like this would look great in a small space, giving the illusion of more space than there really is.

If you’re looking to recreate this look (or have your own project in mind), head on over to Dulles Glass & Mirror for your glass table top needs.
A DIY Table Project with a Nautical Feel

Our customers will literally make tables out of anything. You’ve seen it before (like with the airplane engine), but you just have to see this awesome table custom-made for a home at the beach.  The base is made out of weathered and used crab traps, and the glass table top provides a base for more beach-themed decor.

The best part of the project? “Amazing price, super fast,” writes Annmarie in her review. “I can’t believe what a great product I received for the price. And I had my table glass within days. It was packaged incredibly well and came in perfect. I will definitely buy from them again.”

Thank you so much, Annmarie! We’re pleased you got just what you needed, quickly. That’s what we’re here for?

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